a digital garden


organic growth

with all of the following ideas, we cannot be too ambitious. our website is to be organic, so it will have warts. we must allow it to grow, and tangle. this leads us to idiosyncrasies which enhance it.

let’s take it easy :)


the ability to inline html, javascript, css anywhere

for experiments, of any kind, it is very helpful to expose an escape hatch for css, javascript, and html. org-babel can help here, perhaps.

digital collage

the website should feel organic, far less digital than most, hard lines are of course allowed, but a softer, more vague, human, line is preferable. the skewing and rotating of images can help a lot here too. a paper feel.

web 2 print

this really isn’t something we ought to focus on, but it would be nice to be able to have decent printability of our pages.


organic org-mode

lets not diverge too much from readable org-mode! this is very important :>


special treating of hyper links

i would like to be able to have footnotes, and more generally collect all of the hyper links in each page [somehow] and display them below the page. this is a nice accessibility feature, and helps give the page better printability too [see: web 2 print].

This website was made with hands.